West Coast Swing for ‘dummies’

This heading is truly a misnomer, because WCS will never be aimed at “dummies”. If you are not interested, tenacious or committed enough, you will not want to try, and will never succeed at WCS. For those in this category, I recommend you move on to find something else that brings joy to your life. Unlike many partner dances, WCS does not have a “basic step” – salsa, fox trot, rhumba, Night Club Two Step, Country Two Step, East Coast Swing, etc., all have a “basic step” – WCS has basic “patterns”, and you cannot do the dance unless you know your role in the 6- and 8-count patterns. Additionally, WCS is a slotted dance that is totally lead / follow.

Although WCS fundamentals can be learned fairly quickly and danced at a basic level soon after familiarity, to dance WCS at the level that both inspires and fulfills, requires time and work. You might ask the valid question of why you should “give a damn” about WCS. There are a few very powerful reasons: 1) you can dance WCS to the largest selection of music on planet Earth … top 40’s, old standards, blues, cha cha, fox trot, rhumba, hip hop, rap – you name it, if it’s 4/4 timing, there’s a great chance you can WCS to it; 2) it is the perfect balance between structure and improvisation: you have to be fluent with the 6- and 8-count fundamental patterns that comprise WCS, but once that’s achieved, you can create anything and everything inside that structure. 3) the music tempo and “feel” allow each dance to seem like a different world; 4) you can have fun with dancers of many levels.


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  1. thepinkchalkboard
    Jul 28, 2011 @ 00:09:04

    Great site! So pretty. Looking forward to reading more.


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